Upset! Not really sure how to feel anymore!

Ok ladies im here for advise. Ive been with my boyfriend going on 8 yrs. We have had alot of ups and downs these past few years. During one of our down time we ended up getting pregnant and splitting up after a few months we got back together and the baby was born( Now 11 months old) after we got back together i ended up pregnant again except that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in march. We have talked about trying for #2 since then until recently he said he didn't want anymore children we have the one child together and he has 4 other with previous relationships this crushed me! I've always wanted a big family children of my own dont get me wrong I adore the one I already have and im very thankful I would just like to have more children I guess what im trying to ask is would the relationship be worth keeping if we both want different things or would it eventually just rip us apart what would u ladies do if ur SO told u he didnt want anymore children but u did?