should i stay with my boyfriend ??

so i’m 17 i started dating this 16 year old guy about two months ago. he is super nice and a good guy and i’m happy with him but i just feel like it’s not enough to be a substantial relationship. he is not super romantic but i sort of need that in a relationship. i’m his first girlfriend and i was his first everything, but i was very experienced before him. he also wants to wait a long time to have sex but i dont think i can wait that long. I thought it would be good to date him because he was so different than any other guy i have been with before, but it turns out he’s a little too different that i feel like it’s not really working out. i like to drink and do some reckless stuff and he is a very strict rule follower. he says he doesn’t mind when i do stuff, but i feel like deep down he still judges me whenever i do. i really like him, but i don’t know what i should do. sometimes i wish i were dating other guys who would do more with me. so my question is: should i stay with him?? or leave??? please give me suggestions or advice if youve ever been in a similar situation before !! thank you so much.

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