What would you think?

My s/o and I went from being sexually active (many times a month), to once or twice a month. I have family in town, so I've been gone (busy) this week, and had the kids with me. My s/o has been working. One day he forgot to bring his clock out slip home, he said it fell out of his pocket, and the wind blew it. Around the same time our night stand drawer (where condoms are) was left open. So, today before I took off I checked the drawer and it was closed. Went to my family's, and waited to hear from him after work. Well it was 30 mins after his shift, I called, he said he was home got changed and was coming over. Well tonight when I went to bed, the drawer was opened. He says he don't know how.

You go from being sexually active, many times a month to maybe once-twice a month. 2 times the condom drawer has been left opened. I know for a fact that when I left that drawer was closed, we go to bed and it's opened. I'm just wondering because he has a past of cheating on me.