Okay I'm getting concerned

Period May 7th

Spotting June 6th

Af was due June 8th

Unusually pink in color and no clots with heavy flow June 27 (19 days late, usually I'm extremely regular, 32 day cycle.)

Lower abdominal discomfort July 7-9

Now I am even more nauseated and have a pressure in my lower abdomen when I try to lay on my stomach. Snotty nose, white bumps on nipples(TMI, I know), kind of sore breasts, constipated, occasional headaches, achy body, and tired, but can't sleep. A week after my missed period, I went to doc. All tests were negative. Had a faint positive on a HPT (blue dye) 1.5 weeks after that, then got that unusual period so I just figured it was a false positive but getting more symptoms. Would really like some advice. I don't want to go back into the doctor and have them think I'm crazy or something and due to current financial issues, I can't afford a HPT. Am I pregnant or what?