Kianna • ♡ princess charlotte chantelle • march 6th, 2019 💞👑🎀 ♡

i'll update when the line gets darker but i just took my test and got the faintest line with a touch of red! im so blessed! this is basically the first try!! im seriously over the moon 😭😭😭 baby dust to all! can't believe it!!!

*** ok so i tried to get the test for visual but my lighting is horrible and when i say its extremely faint i ain't kiddin. i may look crazy and it may look like a bfn buttt, its there! hahaha you just have to see it with your own eyes. god is so good 💞 i'll update soon!

next day // 6/23/18 // 8dpo

you can see it more today!! its very much there. i know i looked crazy but its there :))))) just zoom way in.. can't believe it.