Adult Breastfeeding

I know this woman (she's about 34-36 years old) she's a single mother with 3 kiddos, the youngest being 2. She has clients that are 'adult babies' and she gets paid to be their 'wet nurse' or 'nanny' whatever they call it. She sees them each once a week for about half an hour to an hour and makes 500-1k/mo from each of them. She says nothing sexual happens, just feeding. She doesn't judge them but also doesn't enjoy it, she makes much more doing this than she did at her HR job and gets to stay home with her kids. She also has some that pay 3-5$ an ounce for her to send frozen breast milk to them in between visits 🤷 I'd for sure be interested in making that kind of money for doing basically nothing but I 🤢 at the thought of a grown man or woman (women do this too!) hanging off my breast. She seems happy and it takes up so little of her time. Would you consider it??