HELP!!! Baby sharing room

Paige • Due 1/15 w/ 2nd boy 💙💙

I need some advice. So we don’t know the gender of the baby yet but here is a little back story. We have a 3 bedroom home. My 10yr old son lives with us full time my husbands 7 year old daughter is only here during the summer. He is trying to say it doesn’t matter that if the baby is a boy it will share a room with my son and the other room will be empty 10 months of the year.i said I am not making my son share a room with a baby when my son is here 24/7. He said he doesn’t care that if it’s a boy this is what will happen. I told him either my son and his daughter can share a room since we never have them at the same time and the baby gets it own room OR the baby will share a room with his daughter. Now he is not talking to me and says he is not budging. Idk how to get him to see that what he is saying is fcking stupid just because the baby and the child are different genders shouldn’t be what dictates the baby’s room.