Okay let’s be real for a min !

maddy • 3 miscarriages 1 born (6months ) and 1 on the way !

Okay so I have 11 more weeks till I meet my beautiful angel BUT can we talk about how I’m stressing out about being a first time mom with no family or friends within 4-5 hours of me so Ill have no help except from my husband who works 12 -18 hour days sometimes and only gets a day off work every week . I’m scared at being a new mom and not being the best I could be I had a horrible childhood from getting raped at 4 to kidnapped and abused both my adopted mom and birth mom treated me like crap my adopted dad sexually assisted me so I know I don’t have allot to compete with but I never learned the tenderness and love a mom should have I love children and baby’s always have but being a stay at home new mom is freaking me out a little bit . I want to do everything right . If their is anything you can tell me that people don’t warn u about or give me tips on please comment below .