Loving A Gay Man


So Ladies, I was Dating this guy for about a Month and I never had any questions or doubts about his sexual preference, until our second date to the cheesecake factory. As we were sitting at the table, awaiting our meals, music comes on, one of Cardi B songs. who don't love a good Cardi song right ladies? Anywho, Out of Nowhere, I turned my head to see this guy, a Male Species, TWERKING with his TONGUE OUTSIDE OF HIS MOUTH. I looked like "What the hell are you doing? He laughed it off, as if I was the one tripping. I than asked him, "Have you ever experienced the same sex? His reply, "No baby"!. Days go by and we're to meet up but tension is thick between him and I. And then, it happens. Our of anger and mostly meant words, he tells me he's Gay and loves sucking the cum out of his man's big black dick. I'm disgusted, embarrassed and wanna do nothing but bring him pain. How can a woman get over this? Ladies, Please help if you can. All advice appreciated!!!