21 month sleep regression

Katie • ...

I’m fairly certain my darling angel is going through a sleep regression and h therefore turned into Satan reborn. I posted previously about how he used to sleep 11-12 hours and put himself to sleep while now he won’t go to sleep without me holding his hand and is waking 2-3 times a night.

I know he has his first moles coming in and his canines so I think this is playing a big part in it.

And while I know this will pass my question is how much adjustment should you male when they need a little extra love without creating bad habits.

For example. I hold his hand to go to sleep at the moment but am I going to create a bad habit of that being the only way? Should I allow him more cuddles in our bed?

I’m just so stuck in a rut with this and I’m so exhausted! I care for my grandad so I’m double tired at the mo! I’ve tried doing a soft version of cio which we did when he sleep trained but he’s not having it and has started screaming at the top of his lungs, and kicking the door!

Any help would be accepted gratefully