What is wrong with me?


So my issues started last weekend. Bf and I went out to eat and I got a margarita. I've never had issues with alcohol, have always been able to drink3 or 4 before getting tipsy. Well drank the Marg and after we ate we went to see puppies. Didn't even make it in the store, threw up everything. Later I was feelin better and decided to have a beer. Couldn't even take 2 sips before I felt naesous. That was at 9dpo. Took a test at 11dpo and it was a bfn, but the screen looked indented? So idk. Today AF is 2 days late. We went out to eat and had some bread, started feeling a bit sick, go to the bathroom, feel a bit better. I ordered steak and salmon. food comes out and the moment I see the salmon I feel sick. But I look at the steak and feel 100% better and starving. Devoured the steak and decided to see if I can eat my salmon. I love salmon, it's my favorite food. Couldn't even nibble at it, started feeling sick again.

What is going on?! Anyone else have these?

Also I wanna add that last night my bf had a dream that I was pregnant with twin girls. Update: So I took a test yesterday evening at about 7 and it was negative. I'll wait a couple more days and see what at does. So far she still hasn't shown.

Update: Am now 5 days late with 3 bfn... Did anyone else take awhile to get a bfp??

AF is now 7 days late. Tested and it's another bfn. I may try to get a different test that's not digital.

AF just showed her ugly face after her 10 day absence. I'm so upset but I'm also kinda glad I finally know why the tests were negative. Just wish I knew why I was so late.