I fought with one friend and slept with another

So we was on a school trip to Spain 🇪🇸and I was with my 3friends AJ,Tia and Kion .AJ and tia were dating but they hadn’t done anything yet and they spend a lot of time together at school so obviously I have a closer relationship to kion (he’s my ride or die).

Anyway we left from school (I’m 18btw) and took a plane 🛩to Spain🇪🇸 when we got to the hotel 🏩later in the evening 🕥Tia tells me “I’m ready to take the next step with AJ (if you know what I mean.)

so You need to get out of the room” (that we were sharing ) she said it really abruptly and rudely so I told her “no! “ she said to me “why are you being so difficult you supposed to be a nice supportive friend and your just being a bitch right now” I was furious 🔥because firstly we’ve been through a lot as friends secondly I’ve done a lot for her and finally we were sharing a double bed so I don’t wand to sleep in a bed the next night knowing that one of my two friends have both cum in the bed I told her all this and how I was realllllly pissed at her then she stormed out the room into next door(where AJ and kion were staying they had separate beds 🛏 if your wondering)I’m sitting in the room mumbling to my self because I’m so angry then there was a knock at the door I thought it was her and I was so ready to cuss her some more, but it was Kion I asked him “what are you doing here?” He said “AJ & Tia had kicked him out” kion was so stupid and said “that’s my bro I ain’t gonna stop him from making our room into the boom boom room ......maybe you and me can give it a test” I was laughing 😂😂😂.

Anyway he asked if he could sleep in my room for the night I was like “sure”.

so we’re watching some Netflix in the bed🛌 just chilling and he starts to touching me on my upper leg I’m low key thinking ohhh yasss! 😝But also no this ain’t right🙅🏾‍♀️ he’s my friend who is extremely funny and sexy😍. I looked at him like what are you doing and he just has a lil smirk on his face😏 then I start bableling and over thinking things then he just kissed me,

I swear all the thoughts in my head vanished .we was kissing for some time and it got very intense he flipped me over like a freaking porn star ⭐️ then stared to go DOWN ⬇️ kissing 😘my stomach on the way then he uses his mouth 👄 to take off my underwear I was a virgin at the time so I didn’t even know what to do like should I just lay here should I look 👀. the first 👅 lick it was a flood💦💦 he dose this till my legs shake then he stops Im thinking what are you doing why did you stop keep going then he looks at me wipes his mouth and said “we don’t have to do anything else if you don’t want to” I just stared at him for a second and kissed him💏 then he whips it out on me 🍆and puts the condom on he was huge I was honestly scared he dives in and said are you “ok?” I said “yeah” because it didn’t hurt at all it was......AMAZING!!!💗💗

-sorry for the long post and explicit details but I really wanted you guys to understand also , do you think I was a bit of a hypocrite towards Tia?-