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So me and my fiancé are in the middle of buying a house in the meantime we agreed to stay with his grandmother since she has extra room and needs help anyway. Im in my 3rd trimester and also have a 3yo and the idea was cool at first since I’m not working and didn’t mind. But he works a lot and his grandma is HOT mess she literally calls me every 6 seconds, she’s mean af and I literally wait on her hand and foot and if she doesn’t get her way one time she’s calling the entire world acting like I’m mistreating her. She’s bedridden and has went through countless caretakers so the family knows I’m doing my job but it’s still frustrating. Anyway with him being all the time and his grandma stressing me out everyday I literally have no time to myself I’m in the house 24/7 and I’m fucking depressed. I already suffer a great deal from depression since 13 and can’t take any meds due to being pregnant. When I tell him what’s wrong he’s like “we have a baby on the way I’m securing everything, do you want to switch spots!?” Inconsiderate in my opinion and actually I do. Anyway I want to move in with my family who actually live on the west coast where I’m from versus being here on the east coast alone. Am I wrong!? Sanity sake I can’t stay here. Everyday I get more and more depressed especially since he goes out cause “he needs a break from work” and I’m over it. At least back home I’ll have my friends, family and some freedom. My sanity is really on the line I feel so low and I feel like dumbass doesn’t get it or just doesn’t care. Wouldn’t be the end of the relationship but, I’m going crazy

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