Sick Toddler/need some emotional support

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I'm desperately trying to seek help from other mommies. My son came down with a cold since last Tuesday. To make matters worst his wheezing returned and so I had to start him on the nebulizer yesterday evening. It's been hard to sleep these last couple of days; he had been waking up at 2 am and wont go back to sleep until 4 or 5 all he does is cry histericallly even though we have done the routine of cleaning out his nose, give water, change diaper and even tylenol if he has fever. If we pick him up and bring him to our bed all he wants to do is play. We explain to him that it's still night time and we are so sleepy. Doesnt matter what we do he just wont sleep. I feel that it may also have to do with the Terrible 2s besides the cold he has. Usually when he gets sick he will sleep through the night or if something bothers him we attend to it and he goes back to sleep.

I'm so frustrated and both my husband and I are just so tired all we want to do is sleep. I feel bad feeling frustrated and ticked off at him and I try to be more patient. I also feel upset at myself for not being able to do more to make him feel better.

Today he was a lot better but we will see tonight when 2am rolls around. Mommies send me prayers because I'm going to need it. Anyone else have gone through this.