Advice for a girl moving out on her own?

Hey ladies, I'm currently living with my mum and pay her roughly £70 a week. She's an ex addict who makes me life a living hell. As much as I love her my whole life all I've been to her is an emotion punch bag. She threatening to kick me out of the house because I don't do enough housework. I work two jobs and do around 70/80 hours a week. She screams and throws things at me and calls me the nastiest things that she knows really upset me, like how my dad didn't want anything to do with me and how no one will love me and talks about a past situation I was in in which is was raped and makes fun of me. I know I'm part to blame because I should just leave but my mental health is so shattered I don't know if I'll be able to do anything alone or handle money as I'm already in minor debt. Also I don't know how she'll cope without me. At the moment all I do is blank her out and tell her I'm not going to answer her back because she's being immature but I don't know how long I'll last. I have no one else I could stay with and she's kicked me out several times previously. I'm so tired and lost and feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and the other half I feel ungrateful. Has anyone been in a similar situation and could give me some advice? Thank you ❤️