So I have known since middle school that I am part of the rainbow. I am a teenage girl with short hair, long nails and lots of flannel with jeans. My friend makes comments about how butch I am. They kind of annoy me because I consider myself feminine. I was a late bloomer so I’m still behind my friends in the boobs department, which has made people mistake me for a guy. So almost whenever I’m in public I’m reminded of much I don’t like my body.

The little comments annoy me soo much they’re not frequent, but the way I’m impacted they might as well be.

I’ve tried to express to them disinterest and that it makes me feel uncomfortable but it doesn’t stop them.

My short hair is because I have thick hair, hate growing it out and taking care of it. I love long nails they make me feel confident. I wear flannel and jeans because I get very anxious about my appearance and those things are comforting to me and are normal “outfits” that I can’t look weird in. But so many people see me as male and it really upsets me.

Am I crazy? How would you deal with this?