Raya James Sitzmann ❤❤


She has arrived and she is perfect! I was induced Tuesday night. We came in at 7:00 pm, doctor inserted cytotec at 8:30 pm, and by 5:00 am Wednesday I was having intense contractions and was dilated to 4cm. I got my epidural. Checked again at 7:00 am and my water broke, I was 9 cm dilated. Doc wanted me to be able to feel the urge to push and I couldn't because of my epidural being so amazing. So he gave me time to see if I would be able to feel it. I napped on and off until 12:00 pm. He then turned down my epidural, I was 10 cm, and could feel the urge to push by 2:00 pm. I pushed for an hour and a half. Baby girl was born at 3:29 pm. 7 lbs, 9oz, and 20 inches. We are so in love. Good luck to those mamas still patiently waiting for their labors to begin!