Parental Anxiety

Hi Everyone,

Since having my LO 6 months ago I have been feeling overwhelming anxiety and I don't know what to do to. I've been to the doctor and she just gave me a script for Lorazapam and said "take this, what your feeling is normal". I've been on Lorazapam before and it makes me feel completely out if it even on the lowest dose and I don't want to be raising my son like that. I have extreme worries about autism, which I've brought up to the pediatrician and he said my son is developing normally and to not worry but I cant help it even though I know it is irrational. I don't even know why I am so worried about Autism, I've worked with many children with austism and they are amazing and beautiful children. They make you see the world in whole different light and are just a blessing so I know I am just being irrational. I have seperation anxiety, I can't leave my LO with anyone except my husband and even then I still worry but it is manageable. Any tips that will help me get over this?