Breastfeeding help with large baby


Hello July mamas!

So Saturday the 21st I gave birth to my 2nd baby and he ended up being 9.5lbs. My first guy was only 8lbs and I had zero trouble breastfeeding him. My colostrum production this time around was not enough to sustain my big baby so to be discharged from the hospital we had to put him on a formula supplement to increase his glucose levels. So I nurse first and do formula second but I feel like he is not nursing long enough to boost my supply to what he needs. He will break the latch, start crying, then refuse to relatch. So I've started pumping to encourage my milk to come in but this all feels so wrong.

I feel completely defeated, especially since I breastfeed my first until he was 16 months old. Just looking for advice or if anyone is in a similar situation.