142 - my new magic number ❤️


The last week has been an absolute rollercoaster.

Last Monday my OBGYN’s office recommended I go to a pregnancy assessment centre at my nearby hospital as I was having some severe pain (estimated to be 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant). I presumed it was my chronic pelvic pain but they wanted me to be safe.

After 4 long hours I finally got a scan. My baby was in the right place and there was no bleeding but I was told my baby’s heart rate was only 65 bpm. No update was given on the date of the baby.

My first appt with my OB was always going to be today so I’ve been waiting all week, trying to stay calm but also rightly anxious about what would happen when I met him and whether my baby’s heart rate had improved.

Well, baby’s heart is now going at 142bpm and my husband I got to hear it today as well ❤️ it was the most magical thing.