Its OK to be thankful for your abortion


hi all. I'm new here. I've also had two abortions (medication) that I genuinely enjoy discussing with folks.

I see so much language around how "difficult and heartbreaking" abortion is and I just want to lift up that it isn't always a difficult or heartbreaking choice and that's OK.

I genuinely felt broken after my abortion because I didn't feel bad about it. society had tought me abortion is a difficult choice to make, and a choice no one is happy they made. I was confused why my abortion was so simple for me and why I felt so relieved once it was done and so thankful for that option. it wasn't until I started addressing this stigma head on that I was able to really lean into my true feelings and let go of the self imposed and completely unnecessary guilt I was holding for not feeling bad.

Don't let society control your narrative. own your feelings and lean into them, no matter what. ♥️♥️♥️