So last week when I went in to get my makena shot they gave it to me in my arm, which was really weird because I always get it in my hip and it usually hurts really bad. My past 3 appointments I’ve been telling them I’m allergic to it and I get hives as itch really bad, well they gave me the shot in this weird little tube thing against my arm and it didn’t hurt at all but my reaction was wayyyyy worse than usual.

This week when I went in to get my shot I brought it up again how bad my reaction was and they just ignored it. Then they gave me my makena in my hip like usual. When I asked the why they did it in my arm they said It was SOMEONE ELSES SHOT. Because they ran out of the higher dose make a so they used an infertility makena on me. Wtf??? I have incompetent cervix and I’m on bedrest I don’t show up once a week to get a shot that’s not even the right dose. I’m trying to keep my baby in ( my last baby was a 26 weeker) whatever I’m super annoyed at this point. I had an appointment with a specialist in Houston about getting a cerclage to help keep my cervix closed but he said it was to risky. He recommended I use the vaginal progesterone instead of the makena if I have problems but my doctor told me they only give the vaginal suppository to first time moms with incompetent cervix. WHO CARES? The last shot I got gave me a huge knot on my hip!! It was bleeding and leaking and it itches so bad!!! Dr Reiter the specialist said it does the same thing SO WHY PUT ME THROUGH THE PAIN???????? Okay rant over I’m still pissed 😤