do u think he should be be angry about this?

back in 2014, when my husband and i just got married, instead of buying me a new ring, he gave me his ex wifes ring. shes a size 7 and im a size 4. he did pawned her ring, but got it back for me. he never resized her ring for me though. he didnt have much money at that time and was in a rush to give me a ring. anyways, feb of 2017, he bought me a new ring, it doesnt fit me perfectly, a bit loose. but it doesnt slip off of my finger. i misplaced and lost it last month. we both were talking about the ring, he was telling me about how he was going to resize the ring. i thought he was talking about his ex wifes ring, so i mentioned it, and he got so angry about it. i dont even know why. he was furious that i bought it up like wth. what do u think about this?