I’m 40 and trying to conceive

Mo • 🇵🇷 Wife, happily married on 01/21/17, Mommy of a 12 years old 👦🏻, stepmom of a 11 years old 👧🏻, and TTC the 2nd 👶🏼 for my hubby and I. TTC our 🌈

Hi beautiful ladies! I’m 40 years old and I’m trying to conceive my second baby. My husband and I get married a year and a half ago. We both have one kid; I have a boy and he have a girl; both of them are 10 years old. We just want to have a baby together. We are doing the homework 😝. This past week I was ovulating sooooo I used glow to do my best to get pregnant. I hope that God gives me the joy of being a mother for the second time.

Be blessed you all.