Will progesterone keep you from bleeding if you’re miscarrying?


I won’t post my big long story again, but dr is certain I’m miscarrying and told me to stop my progesterone because it was probably keeping me from bleeding and the baby coming out?

We saw only a sac last Monday and measured a week and a half behind. We saw a sac and yolk sac on Friday but hcg didn’t double- went from 4500 to 5700. He said he’s positive it’s a miscarriage and to quit my pills.

I have one more sonogram tomorrow and have NOT stopped my pills in hopes of a miracle. :(


Went to what was supposed to be my final ultrasound and then meeting to schedule a d and c. Well the dr that did the ultrasound thinks I looks like a normal 5 week pregnancy to him...

My dr doesn’t think it’s going to be viable but isn’t comfortable ending it yet so he’s keeping me on the progesterone for another week and a half and then I’ll have another ultrasound.