AF due Aug 1, 28 (ish) day cycle.

AJ • Expecting #2, 12/6/21 🌈 Baby Girl born 2/19/20 💕 2 MC: 10.5.18. & 3.25.19

Hi everyone! I’m Amanda and I live in Wisconsin. TTC #1, after having gone off bc (was on it for 13.5 years non stop/various methods).

Af would arrive anywhere between tomorrow the 30 through August 1. Glow States my cycle will be longer this month due to later ovulation however I’ve had a semi regular cycle around 27-28 days.

Although this is cycle 3, I had high hopes as every other momma friend I have, all got their bfp no later than cycle 2 so I am struggling to feel support from them.