Okay, hear me out before any negative comments..

All my life I have been super confident in the way I looked but now that I am pregnant, I hate my body and I know it’s only going to get worse. I am BEYOND blessed to be pregnant and I wouldn’t change it for the world but I just hate everything else that comes with it.. They aren’t visible in the picture, but I have stretch marks and I’m so insecure about it.. I used to model and when I look back at my pictures, I also see the weight I have gained and I hate it. I have never been the jealous type but I am extremely jealous of the women that embrace their stretch marks as well as every “flaw” that their body has.

My husband has always been in love with me for me, and not just my looks, unlike any other guy I have even encountered. Everyday he tells me how beautiful I am and he’s just as in love with my body now as he was years before.. I want to believe him because I know he is telling the truth, but I just can’t see what he sees..

So this is me stepping out of my box, trying to become confident again..