My neck, my back, my legs and oh my ankles for real!


⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️. I'm currently 19 years old and married to my husband I knew for five years. I have always struggled with health issues from day one of my birth. Always. Little things would turn to big things. Then I'd be in surgery or on a bunch of meds. Constantly. At 15, my family forced me on birth control and so did the doctor (which isn't licensed anymore). I felt like I didn't have a choice at all. I wasn't sexually actively, I just have a very irregular period. I'm talking a bloody murder scene, changing a super plus tampon every thirty minutes and used pads too. I felt helpless. I had a period for a whole month, then it would stop. Then I'd have it for three days, then it would stop. Six months without a period following three months with one.. and a box of 50 tampons per week..

The doctor didn't listen to me, she just gave me the highest birth control pill she could.. it made things worse.. The cramping was always horrible, doubled over in the bathroom floor crying my eyes out at 16. But the birth control caused headaches so so bad I lost it. I tried to kill myself. I went into a rage and all I did was bang my head against the wall. Over and over. Begged my dad to kill me when he found me in the tub banging my head. He took me to the hospital.. I was put in the padded room.. just for six hours. And finally I had enough! I wanted off my damn birth control. Instead.. when I went to the doctor.. I got a new woman. Thank god! She actually listened to me. She put me on the lowest! Shook her head and literally started crying when she found out all I been through being on the highest that was given to me. We both cried. She gave me the lowest birth control but my periods were always irregular. Up to 18 years old. My period stopped at 17 and a half. So I went in and told her I don't have a period anymore. And I was having intestine issues. Blood and mucus in stool, couldn't go to the bathroom for weeks. She sent me to the urgent care and they sent me to the hospital for a cat scan, they found nothing. Then I went back to my ob. She sent me to a doctor and got me scheduled for a colonoscopy. I get my colonoscopy in September of 2017, nothing. Nothing! I haven't seen my mom or brother due to a bad divorce when I was 12, turns out they have the same issues when they get overly stressed out. And it comes and goes. My husband (boyfriend at the time) he noticed I was becoming very sick. He noticed my skin was losing color. And my heart beat was faint. He's find me passed out in the floor or on the couch too sick to wake up. I gave up. My health issues just got worse and worse. And he got scared. We lived together since March 2017, knew eachother from the bus (only seen eachother one year for six minutes) and met up on Facebook and hit it off so I went to his place a lot, ended up moving in. He tried all he could to make me smile and all. I ended up in the hospital again. Iv in hand, oxygen and confused nurses and doctors. He was there with me.

I don't remember much on what happened. I slept a lot. Doctors scrambled to find out what was going on. Pulling random shit from thin air "Well, your heart is weak intestines aren't working correctly, seems like everything just not working like they want to anymore." Please. Hah. Just tell me. What is it? Bad flu?

I was tired of staying there.. my husband would visit me when he got off work and make me happy. So happy to see him. I told him I was tired of being stuck. And he understood. I wanted to go home. Didn't care if I got better or worse. So my husband helped me get up and get dressed. We walked outta there! Went home. It was the same just like it was at the hospital. But I felt free for once. I got to the house and he had a bunch of pillows on the couch with blankets. He sat down, and I curled in his lap and wrapped my arms around him. He covered me up and I went to sleep in his arms. December 1st rolled by. He took me on every event he could I'd find fun. (For my birthday in October we went to the Festival) we went downtown. They had a Christmas thing going on and he wanted to take me. Out of random, I didn't ask why. I was clueless. He walks down the sidewalk with me, taking me to the place we met. First met. At the college. Where we stretched busses to go to different locations. He points and says "Baby what's that?" And I look and I'm like, "What? What is it? I dont-.." I turn around to find him on his knee infront of me and he was holding the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!

I said "Yes!" And we enjoyed our time more. Finally we went home and in January 2018? I got a crazy rash on my hands and arms.

I was so confused. (I had gotten my period back around October) so I'm like.. "hm. I'm just gonna take a test, I have irregular periods anyway."

I went and peed on a pregnancy stick and looked at it, instantly the lines showed up. And I just cried. All I could do. I told my husband by sitting him down and sticking a pacifier in his mouth. He was a bit dumbfounded at first and then realized. I told him. "It's a boy" he just shook his head "You don't know" and I said "No, I had dreams about a boy, it's a boy!"

We got it confirmed I was five weeks pregnant.

We got the ultrasound at nine weeks.

At 18 weeks we found out the gender..

A baby boy!

Me and the fiancé got married June 9, 2018. (Believe it or not my husband helped me do my hair. We had a small wedding at the court house.

And now I'm 33 weeks on Tuesday.

Here's some bumpies through my pregnancy.

18 weeks

This was at 20 weeks

30 weeks

I got the 4D ultrasound when I was 28 weeks and oh his sweet sweet face. (Don't mind the faces.. he got that from me.)

This pregnancy was the best thing that happened to me. The best! It was harm in the beginning because nausea caused me to lose a bunch of weight! (Before pregnancy i was 190.) I got down to 140.

Now I'm up to 180! Both my husband and our son is the best thing that's happened to me. It's gotten harder and easier all the same. And pain in my calf muscles are crazy but I just look over at my bedside to see our sons ultrasound photo of him smiling and it makes my day so much better. Honestly wish he'd stay a tad longer. 33 weeks went by so so quick. I'm gonna miss it.