My Handsome Boy is here FINALLY!!


My handsome little boy was born yesterday 07/29/2018 after being 40+3. this was the first time I went over my due date because I usually have them on my exact due date. Anyways, I go into my appointment on 07/28 and was 4 cm dilated . that whole day I was walking trying to get labor start and at about 4:30 am on 7/29 I instantly woke up because I could feel myself getting wet(I've never had my water break so I thought I had just peed myself) well I hop in the shower and when I get out , I can just feel water running down my legs after I got dressed. I was having NO PAIN at all . I quickly get my husband and we head over to L& D and arrive at 5:45 am. they confirm it was my water breaking and it continued to leak the entire time I was in the hospital. they kept monitoring my. contractions but I was not feeling them at all . Pitocin was given to me at around 9:00 am and shortly after at around 10 am I began to feel the contractions and they were pretty intense . I decided to receive the epidural at around 11:02 am because I wanted to be relaxed and enjoy your labor . at 12:45 pm my nurse checked me and had progressed to a 7 and she decided to flip me on my side . well as soon as she did that , I felt a whole bunch of pressure and sure enough I was 10 cm dilated and ready to have baby . doctor got in at 1:05pm and 2 pushes later at 1:08pm my baby boy Julian was born . he came weighing 8lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long