Men have feelings, too.


It may seem I'm stating the obvious but frequent posts suggest otherwise.

I know this app is for women and I love all the support and encouragement that women receive on here but I think the line can get blurred between women empowerment and sexism. For the most part I'm referring to posts about adult relationships- fights with the hubby or problems between the hubby and MIL. And it saddens me because sometimes I do see sexist comments that are usually easy to miss when they're not about women. I felt the need to post this as a little reminder. Men have feelings, too. Maybe they're not as good as expressing them or talking about them, but they're there. They're not always right in feeling a way but neither are we. Let's not easily dismiss them. Next time your SO gets upset about something silly, don't get mad that they're overreacting before you hear them out. So what if you think it's silly? It's real to him and that's what should matter. That's what matters to us right? That "he doesn't understand" or "he won't listen" but we are the same way with them. The only difference is we demand to be heard because it's not unusual for a woman to be emotional or sensitive. Instead of feeling you're in the right and posting on here to get some support, hear him out. And for the readers, instead of just taking the woman's side, read the post with an open mind. You might be doing more harm in their relationship by trying to support your fellow ladies.

*This post isn't an attack on anyone in particular- just a reminder for those that may benefit from it*