What would you do? *update

A girl I went to high school with (I didn’t know her personally) messaged me saying she wanted to let me know my husband has been messaging her and a couple other girls we went to school with for a while now. Asking for pictures and telling them when he was in town (we moved from our home state 2 years ago). I asked her for proof and she said they didn’t have any because he blocked them on snapchat.. I guess she had one thing saved and sent me this:

Which was literally one week before we got married... how would you feel if you were me? How would you confront it? We have always had SO much trust between us. I’ve never had to question him.. Now I feel that all of it’s broken. I want to go through everything in his phone and I’ve never had the urge to feel like I needed to do that before.. 😩😢

*update: so apparently the girl that messaged me posted something about minimum wage and she didn’t like his comment, so she told him that she had screenshots that I wouldn’t like (I don’t know why minimum wage triggered that, but whatever?). So by the time she had messaged me he already went through his phone and blocked everyone that this involved... He told me that he has made several flirty, inappropriate comments to girls that a married man should not be making. He’s never asked for pictures but he had opened his snap chat to pictures before and instead of ignoring, has responded to them. He swears on everything that he’s never met up with anyone and it’s never went past snap chat or messaging.. He says he’s deleting his snap and Instagram and will let me look at his phone whenever, whatever he has to do to not lose me.. 😒 Guys this has been going on for over a year at least, and I’ve been completely oblivious.. I’m heartbroken and I don’t know what to think. How does something like this get fixed?