Unsupportive husband

This may get long, so I apologize in advance. 
I'm am 17w2d as of today, I have been on bedrest for two weeks now due to my low lying placenta and bleeding associated with it. Tonight my husband and I  got into a big blow out over me not being able to do anything, as of 2 this morning my bleeding has stopped for 24 hours, this is awesome since the past two weeks on bedrest has not stopped the bleeding until now. My husband was in the bathroom when I went and had seen I had stopped bleeding, to which I told him it had just stopped and I still was going to stay on bed rest for a few more days to see if it truly was over with, before I go back to work, ( I work with 12 toddlers that I constantly have to lift on) he then blew up and called me lazy and how ridiculous that was, I wasn't bleeding anymore;  why the hell did I need to still be in bed rest, he believes its because I don't want to do anything but lay around all day. This seriously breaks my heart, because of the fact we could lose this baby if I continue to bleed like I was. So of course I'm hesitant about going back, the whole time I've been on bedrest, he has refused to do anything around our house, it is such a mess around here and my house is NEVER dirty. I just feel so distraught over the way he is acting and the things he's saying to me. Should I just suck it up and go to work? Or tell him to kick rocks and stay on bedrest until my OB takes me off( she didn't want me to go until aug 6.)