Confused please help

Okay so I'm trying to figure out what's the chance (percentage) of conciving after my ovulation. (If I actually ovulated)
My husband and I, done the baby dance the 19th 20th & 22nd of July 2015.. I believe I ovulated the 23rd, Bc I was having sever cramps and pains coming from both ovaries (starting on the L side then moving to the R side, then back to the L and then back to the R, and then full lower abdomen pains.) this all happened over a period of about 12 hours. It hurt so bad I felt like I was having contractions/sever cramps.
 I was under the assumption I wasn't supposed to ovulate until the 27th. According to my monthly calander on this app. So naturally I took a ovulation test on the 24th, which the LH was strong but not strong enough to show that I was ovulating (very close tho) I was getting excited to know ovulation was coming up. The 25th took another ovulation test, the LH line was even lighter, confused I took another the 26th and the LH line was hardly there. I didn't even to bother today concidering it's probably not going to have a LH line at all.
So from the pains I was having on the 23rd is pretty much an indacator that's when I ovulated?!?!?! (I'm hoping)  
What is your opinion on my situation? 
Do you think I actually cought my ovulation?
Do you think we done the baby dance enough to catch the ovulation, if I did ovulate? 
Is it possible to ovulate from both ovarys in the same cycle?
Am I wanting a baby so bad that I'm driving my self crazy? 
~P.S.   I'm assuming the reasoning behind my miscalculated ovulation day on this app is Bc it had my period days and cycle days longer then they actually are. I'm unsure how they got messed up, Bc they was right on. So lady's check yours and make sure yours is still correct. 
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