12dpo temp is 98.72

Background: average 29 day cycles occasionally 30 depending on ovulation day. But always have 14 luteal phase (14days from ovulation to period) usually my temps have already started to come down and have never in all my charting been this high so close to my period even when I got pregnant in the past (chemical pregnancy 9/1/14, and Miscarried at 8wks 2/9/15) I took a pregnancy test this am with fmu and it was negative ... With those past pregnancies I got positives really early at 10 and 11 dpo I looked back at my charts and the highest my temp has ever been four days leading up to my period even when I was pregnant was 98.4 or 98.5 or 98.3 never has it been 98.72 this close to my period. So I'm really confused I know I'm not out til my period comes but it's hard not to think about. Lol my temps usually start driving 2 days before o start. I took my temp about a week ago to make sure I ovulated to see if I have elevated temps and it was 98.13.  So do yall think this is a positive sign or am I out cause of the bfn at 12 dpo... 
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