Malarie • 26 years old, Married, Mother of a 7 yr old girl & newborn boy!
I've been having a hard time ever since I've gotten pregnant. I'm now 3 weeks postpartum and I've cried almost everyday since I've had my son. Sometimes I don't know why I'm crying. It's so much harder for me cause my husband is deployed & won't be home till January. His command gave him such a hard time to come home & see the baby. So I'm not sure if he will be home sooner than January. I have a 7 year old that I have had 0 patience with. I feel like I take everything out on her. Today I've been extremely emotional all day. It's been taking everything in me to choke back tears. I was even on the verge of breaking down at Walmart over a $8 copay! Sometimes I just wanna scream!