The devil herself! 👺😈💀

Okay so I never really post any rants on here nor do I put my personal problems on here because I usually don’t want unwanted opinions but I’m so pissed off so I have to get this off my chest! So the other night, I get a call from an unknown number. I don’t ever answer unknown numbers, if it’s someone I know or something important then they can text me or leave a voicemail. So I didn’t answer then they just kept blowing me up! Okay, so I answer it and it’s my ex boyfriend current girlfriend and she was like “bitch was you in my car with “so & so””? Eww no, he’s a ex for a reason, I broke up with him and I told her “no, I haven’t even seen him in forever & I would never ever want to see that face again so how bout you go harass someone else and leave me tf alone” I hung up. So little backstory, I was with my ex for almost 5 years & he was abusive, all types of abusive as well. He would always cheat and the last straw was when I found out he had sex with my cousin so I was DONE! I broke up with him & never looked back. I eventually got with my fiancé & we got pregnant 2 months later. Fast forward to now, I told my fiancé about it & I didn’t understand how she could have got my number because when I broke up with my ex, I changed my number because he was a psycho, he legit would blow me up, he would call my family members like my parents, sisters & even my grandparents! Like no, you don’t call my grandparents EVER! I was thinking it had to be my “so called friend” I gave her a piece of my mind as well because she was the only friend I had gave my new number out too that had known my ex and his girlfriend. Anyways, she had called again while I was trying to block her number because 1. My son is sleeping and we just live in a little 1 bedroom apartment and she just would not stop calling me 2. Ever since I became a mom, I’m not into that drama shit & I didn’t want her to say the wrong thing & make me go beat her ass. Well, I answer it & told her to stop because I don’t want to deal with this messy ass drama she is trying to cause. She goes on to tell me that my son looks incest & that he is sooo ugly that I should of had an abortion with him, better yet that I should kill him! He’s only 5 months old!! Like how could you say that about a infant! She is also a mother to 2 daughters so I don’t even understand how a parent could even say that. It broke my heart! I was ready to go pound on her door but I can’t risk going to jail and then me not see my son because she is a cop caller, so I hear. Then she said “you know what, let me just come to your house and kill that ugly motherfucker” I was literally shaking & flipping out at that point. It was pure disgusting. It’s a horrible feeling because I never had anyone say that shit to me before. Say those things about me but not my son! He is just an innocent baby!! This is 2 am when it happened & it woke my fiancé up again so he just took my phone & blocked her. I just had to get this off my chest because my fiancé is not about that drama shit at all, that’s one of the first things he told me when we first started dating. I’ve talked to him about it but it makes him so upset & he doesn’t like to hear that shit which I understand, who wants to hear someone talking about how their child should die. I really want to go beat her ass so fucking bad! My fiancé convinced me not to and just ignore her because we know he is a beautiful baby and she is just scum. He keeps telling me that she isn’t worth going to jail over and that my son needs me to be with him not jail. At this point I feel like it’s worth going to jail because of her saying those things about my baby! I know it’s not worth it but because it just happened, I’m in my feelings and all I want to do is to go beat her ugly ass face in!

Here’s a picture of my beautiful baby!

I do want to point out that the first 2 pictures, I put him like that so no one thought he did that on his own & it was unsafe.