Dear Man in the Walmart Line.


Dear gentleman in the line behind me,

Thank you. Thank you for talking to my son for the near 20 minutes we were in line. Thank you for playing games with him and smiling and reassuring him. Thank you for waving and leaning and making funny faces. You spoke to my worn out soul and to a sweet little teething baby. My son was so tired. He missed his morning nap. Your kindness saved me from having him meltdown while I finally got to unload the cart of groceries. Thank you for being so kind.

What you don’t know is that I’m in a break neck rush today. I’m driving my kids after school several states away to my parents for the long weekend. It’s a much needed break...And while you would want to know, my husband are are trying to conceive again. And this long weekend coincides with my peak time. So I’m taking my kids and having the first romantic weekend we’ve had in a year?

You also didn’t know that I hate grocery shopping. I’m terrible at it. It always takes me forever and I always forget something. I always feel frazzled in the store.

You also didn’t know that this little boy you smiled at has been teething for two weeks. His tooth finally came through this morning. He’s had fevers, lack of sleep, grumpy, and he’s drooled so much he’s had rashes on his little face. You didn’t know my oldest went to school for the first time this week so my little guy is adjusting to his best friend and big brother being gone all day.

You didn’t know that this mom in front of you is nervous. Nervous about sending the kids away. But desperately needing some alone time with their daddy who works all the time.

You don’t know that in the last month, we had major tragedy strike our family with the loss of a friend and auntie who loved these two little boys. And in the last month, my two kids and husband have had massive stomach bugs. Or that my husband fell a few weeks back and got hurt pretty badly. That he’s had to see specialists and started physical therapy this week. So I’ve been care giver now for what feels like forever. And there hasn’t been any adult time for mommy and daddy in a while.

You also didn’t know that you reminded me of my Daddy who I miss an awful lot. He would’ve been playing with my son in the line too.

So mister, I want you to know that you have touched me in a time when I’m tired. I’m looking forward to a break on this long weekend. Maybe sleeping in on Saturday. Maybe even actually hitting the baby mark this month. But at least getting some quality time with my spouse.

Thank you for being kind. I hope God blesses you specially. Because you blessed me.