I dont know what to do.

Long story short, my brother and his gf at the time conceived when they were teens. My brother quit school to work. So my family rearranged work schedule to watch my nephew. It grew into us keeping him days at time. Her and my brother split and she immediately ghosted. changed her number, moved, etc. even her dad wouldn't tell us. after 5ish years we knocked sense into my brother, helped pay for a lawyer and even went to court for support. she got in alot of trouble because legally she couldnt keep my nephew from him. now my brother isnt the greatest either. he job hops. he lives in ahomethats pretty bad. it's a home but it's not fully safe. he has his gf, her 6yrold daughter (whom she refuses to let the child dad seeher) and my brother and her just had a baby. neither are financially secure. every week everyone in my family is giving money and buying groceries. my nephews mom has a decent place but struggles to provide and has 4other kids as well with their father jumping in and out of their life. I found out today my nephew has a negative balance in the cafeteria and the guidance councilor sent home bags of food. my brother quit his job today too that paid $9OVER minimum wage. what can I do? my poor nephew has even said he wants to kill himself and has even choked himself

we are licensed foster parents if that helps anything.

sorry for misspelled words. my phone is not the best.