No VBAC option for me 😭

Amanda • 35 | Vivian Lee 9/11/2017 & Henry Lee 4/24/2019 👧🏼💗💙👶🏻

Well... just found out today I cannot even attempt a VBAC. I just joined this group to try and determine if this is something I’d try but low and behold that decision isn’t one I have to make 😭 I’m never going to get to experience labor and a vaginal birth. I had a scheduled Csection with my daughter last year because she was breech. And we’re only having 2 kids. So this is it for me.

Evidently I got pregnant 1 month too soon for a VBAC option 😭😭😭 I for some reason thought 18mos apart births were fine after Csection 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was wrong. My doctor said they don’t want you getting pregnant til baby is 1. My daughter is 1 in 2 weeks lol. I’m about 5 weeks pregnant. I have the worst timing 😩

OMG trying to recover from a Csection and care for a newborn is hard enough let alone caring for a 1.5 year old too. Ughhhh this is gonna be rough.

Not to mention with my daughter I didn’t know I needed a Csection till about 8mos pregnant. Now I know upfront and get to dread it to come for my entire pregnancy!! I’m so bummed. I’m glad I’m pregnant. But so bummed I don’t get to actually try to deliver this baby. I had some complications with my 1st too so I’m a little nervous to know it’s happening again 😬