Long story... need advice..

Ok so a little back story.. so a last year I saw a Snapchat between my husband and one of his female co workers. It was flirty and I blew up on him. He said sorry and it was nothing serious just flirting. They follow each other on different social media sights. Whatever I got over it.

I have social media and a lot of followers and people I don’t follow back, people the view my stories.. like other moms and dog lovers and what not. Never think much of the people I see that view my stories. But for some reason this one girl caught my eye. I viewed her profile but it was private. Whatever kept it movin. Mind you this person views my stories all the time without actually following me. Which idk why all of a sudden last week I thought that was odd, when I’ve seen this name for at least the past 6mos. So I go to view profile again, still private.. says new to IG and only has like 40 followers. So fuck it let me request to follow and see who the hell this is.. they accept and obviously I don’t recognize her. I message her asking if she knows me or my husband.. she says no and that she just randomly watches people’s stories. End convo. I look through her followers and most seem to be fake accounts except for a couple.. but one sticks out! It’s my husbands coworker that he flirted with last year 🤯 coincidence?? Wtf knows.. so I wait till my husband is home from work and show him the profile and then go to show him she’s friends with his co worker... of course the coworker is no longer a follower.. I didn’t tell him I requested her or anything before hand. He swears up and down that nothing happen between them and it’s just a weird coincidence that this is all happening... trying to give him the benefit of doubt.

Anyways my mind is going all over the place and this IG account continues to watch my stories. Also I looked through her followers again and looked at their profiles to see if they follow the coworker and some do... so idk if it’s just a huge coincidence or it’s like a fake profile run by the coworker.

What do you ladies take from it??? Am I just paranoid?? Also wondering if I should message her again and ask more question. But idk how to even start...

Ps.. sorry if it’s all over the place, I tried to make it short and still get the story across.