Anyone had a similar situation?

Hi ladies,

This is a long one so I apologise but I’m wondering if anyone’s been in a similar situation..

So.. backstory.

I’ve recently stopped breastfeeding approx 2 months ago. My periods have been a bit out of whack, however they’re usually every 3 weeks over the last 4 months. With this baby, I had no idea I was pregnant until 6 weeks - all my bloods and urines were negative until 5w3d. My levels were obviously too low to pick up until then.

Fast forward to now..

I’m 12 days late for my period (if they are based on every 3 weeks). We last had sex during my predicted ovulation period using withdrawal method (how we fell pregnant last time. Silly, I know 🤦🏼‍♀️). I’ve been very bloated, upset in the tummy after certain meals, similar signs to last time but urine tests have been negative and I could just be paranoid.

We then had sex 2 nights ago and for once used a condom, but it BROKE! We had no idea until we were finished. I went to the chemist and took the morning after pill approx 13 hours after sex. I then lightly spotted about 5 hours after taking the morning after pill. No other symptoms except for some very mild cramping and niggles.

My question is..

Has anyone been in a similar circumstance where they could possibly have been pregnant BEFORE taking a morning after pill? What is your experience?

I’m just paranoid that there’s a possibility I’m pregnant without knowing (levels being low) or if I’m just experiencing normal effects of the morning after pill. The spotting has gone now, and when I say spotting I mean like my discharge was just a very light pink colour and then disappeared. Could this be implantation bleeding?


Period 2nd Aug - 9th Aug

Sex withdrawal 18th + 19th + 23rd Aug (can’t remember but possibly sex maybe once after this date?)

Condom mishap 3rd Sep

ECP taken 4th Sep

Another baby is no big deal for us, we’ve always wanted kids close together so that’s not the issue here.