What can I eat?


So while I passed by 3 hour glucose test, I did have one abnormal lab value at the 2 hour mark (high by 9 points) so my OB put me on a carb consistent diet. I’m allowed 24-30g of carbs a day. But she also wants my diet low fat and not restrictive of my calories, as she says the baby needs the calories. I’ve lost 20 lbs so far this pregnancy, most recently 6 of those since she put me on this diet two weeks ago. I was overweight to start with so I’m not concerned about the weight loss. I just never thought at 32 weeks pregnant I would be 20 lbs less than I started 😂

I struggle so much coming up with what I can eat. If it’s low carb it tends to be higher in fat. If it’s low carb and low fat, it is very low calorie. I feel like I’ve been given this impossible task to eat like this and no matter what I do I fail. I either eat low carb but eat higher fat or I eat low carb and low fat but not very many calories.

Any ideas of what I can do to meet all these guidelines?