Please pray for me

Mandy • 💏2012 🎀👶🏼1/10/14👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻2019👼🏻6/30/19,👼🏻5/31/20

I’m currently 4dpo and I’m so scared I’m going to have another month of heart break. I sit her and feel like every second of every day drags on and on. I want so badly for test day to come but at the same time I’m horrified of the dreaded bfn on test day. This is the first cycle since starting to ttc that I actually had every possible symptom of ovulation and I know i ovulated this cycle so now I’m scared it didn’t take and I find myself nonstop praying and begging god to let this be my time. Please everyone say a little prayer for me today that this will be my cycle and I’ll do the same for you