New job, Need Advice


So I start a new job on Sept 10(Tomorrow) Training is for almost 2months && I’m pretty sure i will NOT be able to miss days or be late.. Reason for why I need advice is because they Don’t know I’m pregnant(Currently 24weeks).. I didn’t tell them I’m pregnant because they would’ve not hired me && it would’ve been just another interview.. I’m due 12/30.. idk when would be the time to tell them I’m pregnant, I have my next doc apt Sept 19th.. which will make me miss at least the beginning of class but not a full day..on top of that, i just found out i have to show up to my court(speeding ticket) on Sept 19, because I don’t have the money to pay the ticket& apparently they Don’t give extensions( I went& asked) I’m just afraid that me telling them I’m pregnant is going to cause an issue to me staying and working there.. it’s already hard enough Nd stressful these past 2 months of not having a job making my own money.. my family members suggested to tell them After training. While both my SO & I think I should tell them a few days After I started training. What do you guys think??