Baby is growing so well!!

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Yay my midwife discussed my growth ultrasound with us “since the doctor on duty at the sonogram was no where to be found” and baby is growing great, fluids are good and I passed my glucose!!! In your face you ride lab tech! Lol it was such a great feeling hearing nothing but positive and good news about baby. I gained two more lbs “this is be heaviest I have ever been in my entire life!!!” She says I’m measuring a little ahead “I’m 31 weeks 1 day” and measuring at 33 weeks. She said it totally normal especially since I’ve had two pregnancies prior that my uterus is a little no bigger. I’m extremely over joyed that baby is good. It’s always my biggest worry in ALL my pregnancies. Always on my mind “am I doing ok, am I making the right choices...etc”

9 weeks to go and I gotta buckle down on getting this child what he needs, why can’t we have a four day weekend?! I’d like an extra day just to get stuff done lol