About baby daddy.. 🤔

So I haven't talked to or seen my baby's dad since 4 weeks so the time we found out we were pregnant... well he doesn't know anything and last time I talked to him he said it wasn't his... anywho, he told me he wants a DNA test in order for me to get child support. I planned on that but never really wanted to have my baby girl growing up without a father. I talked to my mother she said not to file for anything since the father was negative towards me and all since we lasted talked. My baby girl will be here soon and I have met a wonderful guy who has been here for me and helping me with everything and is excited to be apart of my little girls life once she's born. So what I'm asking is.. should I file for child support or leave it be? Any thoughts? Please no negative comments. This is my first pregnancy and not sure on what to do, asking for your help lady's. Thanks girls!