Feeling unappreciated right now


So I just need to vent so sorry if this bores anyone...

Basically I’m just feeling like I’m being taken for granted i do everything for my family and I mean everything even when I’m poorly they always have food in there belly’s or clothes washed etc my husband lost his job on Monday so he’s been home all week not doing anything All he’s doing is sleeping so obviously 🙄 I’m doing the school runs shopping cleaning making tea iv asked him to make tea tonight n he’s response was no because he got our daughter from school bare in mind I took her and cleaned the house made him his food etc and now OMG he’s kicking off something chronic slamming doors telling me to fuck off all because he has to make tea because I’m currently sat in the bath writing this lol I’m just feeling really unappreciated I don’t ask for much at all but when I do I feel like I shouldn’t I get told all the time it’s MY JOB to do all those things so I don’t ask for anything... so now I will be getting loads of abuse when I’m out of the bath... the joys