Need some help!

So I’m 22 yrs old. I moved back to Louisiana into my moms house end of November 2017. I’ve been here since then, I currently have a one year old and she’ll be two October 3rd (yay! 😌) I’m currently carrying a baby boy that’s due in Jan. I was living in Memphis, just me and baby girl since me & bd broke up. Well I got pregnant again & me and moms relationship isn’t good. Nothing has been good since I moved back honestly. Mom begged me to move back so she can help me with baby girl & she hasn’t not once. Should I move back to Memphis and stay my distance like I was at first (I was there 4yrs) & just work like I was just me and my baby girl? I know if I leave she’ll be upset and bitchy. She tells the whole world bad things about me since I’m pregnant again & then she comes back in my face like things are good & people are like why is your mom talking about you like that. Everyday she’s asking me for money to give her since me and my daughter are staying here, but she’s the one that begged me to move back here with her. It just isn’t working out. I liked it better being 6 hours away and only coming to visit during holidays. Need some help here guys!