two dudes..


hey gAng i’m having a big problem rn and i don’t know how to handle it anymore. this bout to be lOng oops sorry plz help tho

so i’ve been dating my neighbor, noah, for 6 months and we have never had problems together ever. he’s caring and kind and always wants me to be happy. every once in a while he brings up his ex and reminds me about how badly he messed up dating her and doesn’t want to mess up with me and it’s weird but understandable. my parents LOVE noah because he’s so mature and understanding. he goes to a different school than i do and plays football, i have marching band and work to keep up with so our schedules are very busy and we literally NEVER hang out.

my friend, andrew, is super sweet and he goes to my school and is in marching band so we see each other all the time. my parents don’t like andrew all that much in fact they hAte him. but me and him hang out like ALL the time inside school.

me and andrew were in the marching band bus and long story short he kissed me and i kissed back and i liked it a lot. of course afterwards i KNEW i needed to tell noah so i did and noah DIDNT CARE at all. noah was like hey i don’t care what you do as long as you’re happy and honest. but now i don’t know which guy i like. it’s like i feel like i’ll regret breaking up with noah, because i talked about going on a break with him and he got super upset and told me to figure out my feelings while dating him and that if i did go on a break he’d probably not come back ever. my parents hate andrew so we would never be able to hang out with him but i’m high key cheating on noah with andrew and i cant keep this going on. noah is completely okay with it but i’m not and i don’t know what to do. if i need to give more context lmk but like please help a girl out!!