I just can’t let myself believe this is happening.


Today, I am 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. I got married in February to my husband, we dated about a year and a half and were best friends for several years before that. Last week, I got some routine testing done at my Dr and today I got a VERY shocking phone call from my doctor with my results. They said I have clamydia. I got a Pap smear done in April and DID NOT have clamydia. I have not cheated on my husband in any way, shape or form. I can’t even comprehend how this is possible. Obviously, it implies that he may have cheated. I know that shocking things like that happen but my husband IS NOT that type AT ALL. I just can’t even believe that he would be capable of something like that. There’s a possiblity I could have contracted it some other way, like a dirty public toilet seat (which totally grosses me out but I prefer it over the obvious alternative). I think my biggest fear is that when I tell him, he’ll refuse to hear me out and assume that I cheated and leave me. I don’t even know how to wrap my head around this. Any thoughts and advice about how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.